Gear List for Painted Desert Backpacker - November

This is just a guide to show what I am packing for a two night trip with expected warm days and cold nights. Of course, everyones' needs are different but I hope someone finds this useful.  Assistant Scoutmaster Joe G.


Gear (mostly necessary items)

  1. Backpack (shown: GoLite Jam 50 L)

  2. Backpack Rain Cover (shown: REI 85 L)

  3. Emergency Whistle (always clipped to shoulder strap. Shown: Storm Safety Whistle)

  4. First Aid Kit (shown: Sawyer Backpacking First Aid Kit)

  5. Multi-tool (shown: Craftsman mini multi-tool)

  6. Trekking Poles (optional for most, necessary for me!)

  7. Tooth brush, toothpaste and dental floss

  8. Sleeping Bag (shown: Marmot 30° Synthetic)

  9. Airpad (shown: Klymit)

  10. Tent

  11. Daypack (shown: REI Flash)

  12. Cocoon Bag Liner (keeps me about 10° warmer and helps protect the sleeping bag)

  13. 5 x 7 Tarp (Walmart nylon tarp used as a footprint under the tent)

  14. Headlamp (shown: Black Diamond)

  15. Extra Batteries

  16. Tissues


Clothes (not everything shown - some items like a shirt are worn and not packed)

  1. Hiking Pants / Shorts (shown: Kühl Liberator Convertible - BEST PANTS EVER!)

  2. Thermals

  3. Extra Hiking Socks (shown: REI)

  4. Buff (helps protect face from sun and wind)

  5. Gloves

  6. Lightweight waterproof jacket (shown: Marmot)

  7. Down-filled jacket (shown: 32° found on Amazon)


Water and Food-related Items

  1. Water Bottles (I like an assortment. Shown: 4 Nalgenes, 2 Vapur Water Bladders)

  2. JetBoil

  3. Fuel Canisters (2)

  4. Long Handled Spoon

  5. Pro Bars (2)

  6. Packaged Trail Meals (3)

Optional Items​

  1. Down Quilt (Costco - come in package of 2. Very light-weight and compresses down)

  2. Trash Bag or Zip Lock Freezer Bag

  3. Toe Warmers (2)

  4. Package of Moleskins

  5. Thermometer (Clipped to shoulder strap)

  6. Sunscreen Stick

  7. Insect Repellent

  8. Inflatable Pillow (Cocoon - luxury item!)

  9. Inflatable Solar Lantern (another luxury item)



Items not Shown

  1. Phone and GoPro

  2. Trail Mix or something to munch on during the hike

  3. Wool Beenie (maybe)


Here is a follow up of the gear that I did not need or ended up not taking:



  2. Rain Cover (not a chance of rain so didn't take it)

15. Too many batteries (3 is good as a back up instead of the 6 I took)


  5. Gloves (although my hands got really cold, I didn't need these or use them)

  6. Rain / Wind Jacket (didn't take it, didn't need it)

Water and Food-related Items

  3. Fuel Canisters (I took two but one would have been enough)

Optional Items​

  3. Toe Warmers (didn't need them)

  4. Moleskins (didn't need them, however, I will put a few in the first aid kit and that should suffice)