Back Packer Trip - Badger Springs

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

I had an amazing time at our backpacking outing. We did so many extraordinary things you don't get to see and do every camp out. Some of my highlights for this trip were special animal tracks, ancient Native American art, and swimming.

Now when you hear people talk about animal tracks, they usually consist of, coyote and skunk right? Well let me tell you, on Troop 109's backpacking trip, we saw deer and bear tracks! Those are the kind of animal tracks we saw on our backpacker.

Most of the ancient artwork made by Native Tribes are stored in museum, not at all what we saw. We were able to get face to face with some of the artwork

Swimming. My goodness I had the most fun ever swimming on this trip. It was an absolute blast. The sides were filled with clean slippery rocks and mud to be used as ultimate slides. Deep... The water gradually started getting deeper and deeper the farther you went. There was a giant rock wall that you could climb right next to the water, we had a blast climbing on to the top of the rock. For a better picture, the rock looked exactly like the long rock edge from the Lion King movie. Like a rock diving board and you could jump off it. I did. That gave us the idea to jump off in a cannon ball. I had the best time!!

That is how our back-packing trip went with Troop 109.

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