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New Year – New Leaders

January Troop 109

New Year – New Leaders

Every New Year starts with a change in leadership at Troop 109 through open elections. Scouts who have earned the rank of Star are invited to give a speech highlighting their vision for the troop meetings, outings and behavior expectations of fellow Scouts. They are known as the “Green Bar” filling the roles of Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.

It might come as a surprise to people outside of Scouting, but the Scouts plan the meetings and work

out assignments and other details with guidance from adult leaders. This leads to mixed results as boys

figure out how to delegate duties for more complicated events. Having a “position of responsibility” is

required to achieve higher ranks including Eagle Scout. So, in Troop 109, we hold elections every six

months, so boys have an opportunity to run for the elected positions or lobby the scoutmaster for a

handful of appointed positions.

We look forward to watching Alec, Zach and Jordan grow into these important leadership roles and

becoming better Scouts along the way. They will be in charge as the troop goes on its annual snow

outing in January and gears up for the fundraiser at Winter Range in February. More on those events

next month!

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