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Looking for more Scout related stuff? You've come to the right place. This page has more resources, related links and extra things we can't really categorize.

Troop 109


The Official Troop 109 Outing List Base Camp (car camping) packing list for scouts.

The Official Troop 109 Backpacking List

Requires more attention to size and weight.

Patrol Meal Planner

Download and print out this handy patrol meal planner prior to a base camp (car camping).

First Aid Kit

List of items every Scout needs for their First Aid / Survival Kit.

Hobo Dinner Tutorial

2018 BSA Medical Forms

All scouts need to have up to date medical forms in order to participate in Troop activities. Here is the current BSA medical form. Parents can fill out parts A and B. Part C must be filled out by a physician.


Web site where Scouts can get 50% off great camping gear from Alps Mountaineering.

Registration Page

Password protected page for troop outing registrations.

Cyber Chip Contract

Form that you can print for one of the Cyber Chip requirements.

Hammock Camping

Anyone considering the art of hammock camping should watch some of Shug's videos. Informative AND entertaining.

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Cold Weather Backpacking List

An unofficial illustrated guide.

2019 Adult Volunteer Agreement

Required for Palace Station

2019 Scout Volunteer Agreement

Required for Palace Station


Troop Logo and Art Repository

Download page of Troop logos and other materials